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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Bit.Trip Beat (WII)

KatrinaTheLamia played Bit.Trip Beat

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Well--had to lower my rank from five stars to about four stars after playing this today.

I dunno--I am not feeling Descent. I mean the first part is fun, as the music is a really snappy thing to follow. Which due to my Red/Green colour deficiency--is really my main clue at playing the game. I am listing to the back beat, and timing how the balls hit the paddle based on that more than anything. I mean--often I can see the balls fairly nicely. However, there are a few that blend in with the background that are tougher to hit.

So onto Descent. No music that I can hear whatsoever. I mean--this time, it is only the paddle noises. I mean--there is a slight rumble I can here. Not much really to time my hits to. I mean, it kind of reminded me the time I had a request to sing some Justin Timberlake (before I lost my voice, that is). I could not do it. I could not find musical cues in what the music was playing to match the Karioki (btw: spell checkers suck, after five attempts of spelling and respelling that word, this was what finally got me a single suggestion of: "Aarika") words to the screen. Which for that Karioki track, I had to say, "fuck it, all that is playing is a short music loop for a song from a performer I do not even listen to. Calling it off."

So yeah, Descent. There really was no music to follow, whatsoever. Which irritated me. Because--it had red and yellow dots on lava flow background. This I can handle (barely), but I can handle that--until I started getting barraged with a bunch of semitransparent dots and dots that would blink.

Okay--no musical cues, and a barrage of dots that I can barely see? No longer care about the next level--this is going in the "not playing bin."
Bit.Trip Beat

Bit.Trip Beat (WII)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Musical Instrument/Band Simulation
Release Date: 16/MAR/09
Emblem for Genome

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