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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

KatrinaTheLamia played Chrono Trigger DS

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Right--and went back to when DINOSAURS RULED THE EARTH! WOO!

You know... having named Ayla "Woman" is having much more accidentally amusing results that it should. You know--I am going to recommend _everybody_ name Ayla "Woman" in their game.

So, we go to grab Dactyl. Move Dactyl for great justice and all that jazz.

I figured now would be a good bonding time for Jinkies (Lucca) and R66- (guess who). They seem to be working together... but do not seem to be learning much for double techs.

Well--except that little experiment they did in the bush which they called "Double P-something". Marcus Brody asked why they would never do it in battle--which resulted in Jinkies hitting him over the head with a spanner, calling him a rude idiot.

Then, Woman ends up joining our team. Tits (Marle), being the insanely jealous girl she has with no self worth, comes out, to make certain that Woman does not hit on Marcus Brody, or make any moves on her. Seems Tits decided now was the time to binge on the Magic. Even with her reduced MP consumption, she still did a fair amount of magic. Though, shortly after the final battle, she purged once we got to the Ice Age.

Anyways, we pretty much walked into the fortress and just attacked everything. Woman and Marcus discovered the new technique "the Charged Fist".

The large muscle flexing dinosaur learned what it felt like. We are not certain if he enjoyed it, because he kept screaming out the rulers name as we did it--maybe for help? Though, those are usually accompanied with "oh dear sweet merciful earth NO!". He kept screaming, "yes! more! COME FASTER!" as he cried out the rulers name--we think for help... but not certain.

Perhaps the battle would have been easier on us, if Tits did not keep injecting us with a little needle called "Haste". She'd do herself first. In some cases would smoke it. The grab Marcus and and Woman, and shoot them up with "Haste".

Marcus and Woman do not think they will be able to sleep for a week.

We go and fight whatsher name and the Black Dino.

I am going to say it was not really that epic. Just... really... really... long. It most consisted of us hitting each other, until whatsher name and the Black Dino stopped squirming around so much.

Tits with her first intelligent idea--well it seemed intelligent to Marcus and Woman, said "hey! a GIANT DEATH BRINGER HAS FELL FROM THE SKY! LETS POKE IT WITH STICKS! Maybe it will score us some more Haste."

We found that Lavos, being the stingy bastard he is, went into the Earth's Core, without sharing his score.

We follow the gate into the Ice Age. Marcus caught hypothermia. Tits and Woman gave him some cheap booze to help warm him up Tits and Woman seem to have no issue walking around outside. Tits seems really fond of Haste--and Woman appears to have brought a herbal medicine from her village that she puts under her lip.

Well--at least we are in the Ice Age--nothing weird or tripped out can happen here. I mean, with all the Haste and Herbal that Marcus, Tits and Woman have had. Oh! hEy! OtaKOn is a FrOG! COOL!

Right--I think their trip is over. They should be sobering up soon.
Chrono Trigger DS

Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/NOV/08
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