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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

KatrinaTheLamia played Chrono Trigger DS

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Aaand--Marcus Brody, Tits and Woman wandered around the Ice land.

We tried to enter into a village. Screamed a little bit for somebody to lower the ladder. Nobody really seemed to hear us. Bastards.

We then go into that weird odd station with the light.

Then we found ourselves in...

Well, at this point I put both Tits and Woman into rehab. This--this was a rather weird trip.

Never going to make fun of a flower child as we had achieved nirvana--through a mixture of Haste and Herbal usage. Woman complained about her gums and cheek starting to get sore from her herbal use (that is, she put a leaf under her tongue or in her cheeks).

I grab Otakon andR66-Y--try to remove th buzz. At least have a few people not totally tripped out.

Well-Otakon tends to lick himself--so he was triping. Explains why his eyes are so big. Though--I cannot blame him. His childhood hero was killed infront of him, before he was turned into the frog king.

And.R66-Y?! What do you mean glitchy programming?! Right--Jinkies was licking Frog while running those "Double Tech routines"?

Battled a Nu... and R66-Y and Otakon learned a crap load of double techs (I counted four--may need to recount). In addition: Marcus Brody, R66-Y and Otakon get the first Triple Tech. Kind of surprising, as this was the first battle they had together. Usually my teams are: Marcus Body paired with: Woman and Tits, Jinkies and R66-Y, or Jinkies and Frog.

Got a Speed Capsule and a Magic Capsule. Marcus, after the whole issue with Tits and her Haste "issues", refused to take it. Woman gladly took he Speed Capsule. Tits, going back to magic fasting (only to probably start binging later) let Jinkies take the Magic Capsule.

My team was, once again: Marcus Brody, Jinkies and R-66Y. I ran around, got a Black Orb and learned how to "Scratch Nu's Inch."--what has been seen cannot be unseen. Though, Marcus Brody finding that he is not getting any "inches" scratched, ran around scratching Nus everywhere. Giving a Magic Capsule to Jinkies.

Keep in mind, Marcus' dating pool is limited right now to:
* A cracked out monkey girl
* A princess with self esteem issues leading to Haste abuse
* A lesbian dominatrix who seems to be more attracted to robots than humans.
* A robot who is the current property of said lesbian dominatrix.
* A perverted frog otakon who is far too sigh and self loathing to really do anything about his desires--what ever they may be.

So--if Marcus Brody is going to go decent, it is going to be by whoring himself out to scratch various Nu's itches.

So---we power up Tits' Pendant... this thing seems to vibrate a lot now. Marcus put it down onto a table--and promptly gave it to Jinkies to hold and study--who seemed to be really interested in it.

Then we fought the Golem.

Going out of character, I saw something about not doing any magic on this guy--as his counter attack for each magic is fairly brutal. I found this was NOT the best strategy.

Yes, Marcus Brody tried smacking it a few times--this nearly lost the battle for us. Jinkies eventually just tried throwing napalm at the Golem. The counter attack for that did not really do much of anything in comparison to the Physical Counter. Physical counter was about ~(169,200]HP for its damage. The Fire counter was typically below 100HP. The Light based magic was typically around ~150HP.

So, after R66-Y healing everybody, and Marcus hitting it by lightning followed by Jinkies smacking it with some Napalm, I finally won the battle. Marcus also had to use Raise a few times, before I realised smacking i with Napalm worked the best.

Napalm... smells like... Victory.

Then we get captured and kicked out of the Kingdom o Zeal club! DAMN MAGICAL BOUNCERS!

Next time, we will try to get in for a Night at the Zeal. Perhaps if my Mom would get me some kick-ass wheels I could get in for a kickass Night at the Zeal.
Chrono Trigger DS

Chrono Trigger DS (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D Action RPG
Release Date: 25/NOV/08
Emblem for Genome

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you need some serious counseling.

But then again, you pretty much hit the nail on the head with the whole Dom/robo relationship thing
Robo is so awesome! Really good final 2 abilities, but best of all his healing spell heals everyone!
Yes, @wastelander75 , yes I do. Unfortunately, nobody is able to do so. As even the most qualified tend to go mad within a few months of trying to give me counseling.

The issue is, as a second generation Discordian, most conventional psychology is nullified by my mental state. Usually causing the person trying to apply it, in any manner that will even try to solve my problems, fnord inducing insanity.
will you marry me?
Naw, @wastelander75 . You have not gone through the proper efforts to court me~ X3
you mean killing, pillaging and buring down a small village full of poke' mon hating tweens?
Naw--I kind of like the pokemon hating tweens. I think they are cute. And well--from how Nintendo has done a large amount of marketing fail, entirely justified.

I mean--if I can rag on Sony and Microsoft for failed marketing, I can rag on Nintendo for their rather failtastic campaign for Pokemon.

Though, this is a little bit more of 4Kids fault than anything else. Nintendo did make the wonderful idea of firing 4Kids. Hence season ten and on of their cartoon not seeming to suck so bad.

Personally, I would like it if they did a cartoon based on the Pokemon Adventures comic, really.

But, I really do not mind Pokemon hating tweens--for the same reason I ask you do not mind me for complaining about Batman Arkham Asylum and Borderlands.
Wow. I think I got a couple Pokemon Adventures comics that came with Pokemon Yellow. Ahhhh brings back memories, and Misty having black hair for the first few issues for some reason XD
@KatrinaTheLamia Good ol Pokemon Adventures. Where Team ROcket actually kills people, and the main character actually killed members of Team Rocket, and beats the shit out of Jesse and James.
hey I worked my issues out when it came to Batman Arkham Asylum. Right Harley?

Borderlands. Meh. I can live with the love or lack thereof for.
@Fallout2Forever you are thinking of a different comic. Pokemon Adventures does not have a duo named "Jesse and James"

There have been a few comics about Pokemon out.

* Pokemon Adventures
* Pokemon: Pikachu Electrical Boogaloo
* Pokemon: Magical Adventures
* and--a few others

- @wastelander75 Well, that is the thing, Pokemon generally has issues with presenting itself as a decent game for people to play. Borderlands and Batman AA have both had issues here.

Unlike FFXIII where it is presented as a good game==and then you find you have feces raining down onto you.
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