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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night (DS)

KatrinaTheLamia played Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night

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Well, thanks to another post about this series, I was nudged into seeing, I figured I'd load this game up, and more importantly start posting my game play updates.

First a round of introductions.
Catalina, my Celestian. Currently 25lvl, and an omnivocational whip master, omnivocational stave master omnivocational staff master and next I am going to work on getting her to master, knifes, claws and staffs.

The goal is for her to have all the skills to manage any long cylandrical pole shaped object with her hands, at the greatest mastery. She shall dance around it in battle, and make all melt in awe at what she is capable of doing in mastery.

Also, for vocational skills, her goal is to try to have them boost her Charm stat. Clothing will be given something to increase her Style stat exponentally.

She has already won battles, by enemies just having issues mopping up their own drool for the course of the fight. Apparently, that starts happening when the style goes above something ridiculously low, like 75p, My goal is to start breaking 500p in style. Also to boost her charm even further.

Currently: Mage.

Flirt Introduction will be in my next game play.
(Started off at beginning of this post as Armistor(sp?); Now is a Gladiator.)
Blinda: she will be introduced third game play post.
Derthy: she will be introduced fourth game play post.
(Started off as a Mage, becomes a Cleric)


And to start off, I decided to further the plot. I had spent some time grinding. Trying to, if anything, give Catalina her next mastery of a skill, the Whipmaster. However, grinding was getting annoying. Most of my equipment, was alchemised stuff... that seemed to rely on monster drops. Well, a few things I could grab after they appeared on the over world.

The main issue, everything I wanted to do, kill and what not, was over in the Gittingham Empire. So, I needed to try to advance the plot a little bit. Yeah--a few things could still be alchmised... but honestly... WHY THE FUCK ARE DRAGON SCALES SUCH A BLOODY DAMNED RARE DROP?

Honestly, I have an easier time steal tattoos from monsters than getting a damned Dragon Scale. I have stolen Magic Beast Hides right off the own damned monsters back. Is it ibecause stealing a single scale is not extremely painful? Magic Beast Horns, yeah--get those too. I can skin a monster alive, that is rip Serpent Skin off of it--but I cannot really get a single damned Dragon Scale?

So, only one Golden Frygg was left to grab. The one over in the Gleeban Desert. So I head there.

Oh--hey, there is a freaking Paladin in this Palace. And... all ten of my Quest slots are full. Great... cannot get the ability to use Nancy Boy there's class.

I go in, find the queen's lizard... pet lizard. The little guy that the Queen keeps to her own private company. The close friend that... you know what? I am just going to call this thing a Penis. Makes the whole damned jokes so much easier.

I find the Queen's pet penis under a tree--and get rewarded with a mess to clean up. Honestly, I make the, "I am going to have to clean this up" face a lot. You'd think people would see me come in, demanding the Frygg and not think, "oh hey, I know better than this person"... but no, she chops up the Frygg into little slices to use in a bath.

Hoping for the softest smoothes skin on the planet. I guess I am going to have to battle a nonnewtonian fluid this time. Have any of my bosses been in the slime family though? I guess that Ragin Contagion guy might have been, maybe. There was that mess with the Slugger. Mostly they have been undead... or whales. The mass that one took in, pretty much takes about five of the other ones.

I jump down, and the Queen's Penis eats the Queen's forbidden fruit that is laying in the bath and grows into a larger penis. I think it is a metaphor for the struggle of the working class man, or something. The extremely large penis then picks up the Queen and runs off into the dungeon. Because that is just the sort of thing a complete dick would do.

I talk with the other maidens, to get their view on what they just saw occur.

"Oh no, that is horrible--he is took her off. What will he do to her?"
"I am guessing lots of rape. Hopefully, she will be dead before it is over."

"Serves her right... this is the Divine's punishment for her actions."
"I'd like to say I know the guy personally. This is beyond anything he'd dish out. He's more the sort to have you wash dishes for one hundred years. This... no... not him doing this."

"I was unable to stop it... my Queen has been taken off."
"Ask for trauma counsilling therapy. Seeing a large dick just come and sale off with your queen, no matter how much of a whore she is, will never not be unsettling. -hug-"

I run through the dungeon--I got a magic door key somewhere in the castle. It opened into a room that I really had no call to go into. So I left.

I then walked through the dungeon, to see the Queen and the large Penis done up in a ribbon, talking about how sexy and desirable he is. True to form of giant pocket lizards.

Clearly this is analogous to the struggle of the argraian life style in North Eastern Africa and the Middle Easter. Truly a deep message here...

As it could never be a large lizard wants to rape a complete and total queen.

I assess the situation... then clap for the large lizard. Saluting him and giving him a bow. He has earned all of this, and so much more. The situation is just wonderful.

The fight starts... I think it started. I might have blinked. The Lizard did end up covered in bruises and marks. He mentioned something about breathing fire and a few other things, that I do not recall witnessing.

I recall Derthy doing Crackle on him, twice. Maybe one was a Bang... no idea. Maybe one was her just stopping him from doing magic and the other a Crackle. Flirt chopped him with a sword... I think three times. One was a Dragon Slash... the other two were right after each other. Blinda--I cannot even remember what she did. She smacked him I guess. I got in one "Eye For Trouble".. and one crack of the whip... and it was over.

I felt happy. This mess was extremely easy to clean up. They had been getting quite a bit easier to clean.

Got the Golden Frygg and well, headed off to the train. May as well get this stuff over with, I guess?

Oh, I saw Aquil on the train. It kept telling me I couldn't attack him--and that counts for both "Eye for Trouble" and "Half Inch". I still say it is wrong I cannot rob my superiors' blind. I mean, I spend most of my time in the realm doing blantant kleptomania. I tell them to play those parts down in the tales.

"Oh, in forth came she who fought,
we tried to nail down our rot,
for any of the nice things we got,
were pinched in a mere seconds.
If the bad things were nailled down,
she might just leave with a frown,
if not, that is not but even what we got.
The act of theivery to her it beckons.

Oh, hoy! In she comes on the sailing winds,
Stealing everything with a determined grin,
She steal your heart, she'll cut your life,
You'll want your child should take her as wife,

For somebody should do with her unearned riches.
She steals the charm and magic from witches,
She will steal the eath, then steal the ditches
Is there nothing this heavanly woman cannot take?"

Yeah... that is only part of the song. My favourite part--the one with the least singing of how I tend to steal everything. It was hard... but that part goes the least on about my tales on how I tend to take stuff without asking.

After I tried to steal something from Aquil, he hit me with his sword. Then flew out with my fruit. I was going to make a fruit salad for the company barbeque, but that damned superior must have taken them, knowing a fruit salad of fryggs would be the best part. He went off with some harpy on a dragon. I saw him hitting on her at last years office party. He drank too much nog, and handed out pictures of me in high school wearing a cheerleading outfit... and...

I must have been hit harder on the head than I thought.

I fell down, and landed in Wyrmwood. I am really good at that. Falling. I need to figure out someway to perfect it. I do it a lot.

Also, I wish the baddies would stop asking if it hurt when I fell out of Heavan. It did--I was knocked out for a few days. They seem to die of fatal nose bleeds after... sometimes, not from my stab wounds either.

I ended up buying some new weapons. Some really keen clothing--I now wear a kilt. Kilts are cool. Though, I noticed I only have two different colours of panties. I could have sworn I had more different types than that. I thought it was three. Oh, well.

I ended up getting the necklace to Serene, she was waiting a blow hole--but I figured, screw it. I've got other things to do. Like Quests.

First things first, Lets change Flirt into a Gladiator--as it is hard to level past 40lvl in the overworld. Most things run scared when I am at 25lvl... except for a few areas. Then Derthy.

Derthy kind of has gotten every class that is used to kill stuff past 40lvl now. She literally has run out of new ways to kill things, it seems. So after some talking, we figured, lets go with Cleric. A bit more knowledge of anatomy and healing people should help her be creative in killing stuff.

Now she has somehow managed to use god as a weapon. It is harder to explain beyond that. Surprised the crap out of the rest of us. You see mortals trying to pull this off... and boom, Derthy succeeds.

Then decided to wear a bunch of cat ears in front of a cat. Got a damned nice Kitty Shield. Got three feathers for a head dress. Was a Whipping Boy in the desert ten times. Killed ten Parched Peckerals.

Oh, and have gotten Paladin added to my Vocational choices. Then that stupid little soul came out of the Nancy Boy who gave it. ... now Catalina was never going to jump into the Paladin class. However that terrible little soul of that Nachy Boy clearly needs to be shown his place.

I am thinking in the kitchen. Making me toast. Well--trying. It know it cannot even cook toast. It is for its betterment, really. Maybe it can earn a better pronoun. I am thinking after I no longer need to have nerf doors in this... oh... right...

Bastard little soul.

So now I am going to complete more quests, to try to level up Catalina, to having Mage at a decent enough level, and putting points into her ability to use a knife--and some of the Focus skill itself.

Before, it was just grinding until I had money for weapons... that stops working very damned fast. Yes, I am ready for a boss, once I can have the ability to afford four of each item in every store, and four of each item that can be Alchemised. That is a lower level of my end goal. The complete end goal has me having five of all these items. However that is a bit beyond what is realistic right now.

Still have to kill a bunch of those damned jewel bags. Oh, and put a bunch of shivery shrubberies to sleep, then Toxic Dagger them. Oh and a few of the other weapon realated side quests. This without even taking into account a few class based quests I haven't even thought of starting yet.

I am fairly certain that Serene will be okay, waiting at the seal of Blow Hole, while I get these affairs straightened.

As Mage, I can put points into my stabbity skills. Because all really damned sexy woman, can stab things REALLY well, in my opinion. Just adds to that appeal. I can get my ability to master my grip on staffs while being a Paladin.

That damned annoying little soul of that Nancy Boy.

Oh, and maybe I can get some more really cute outfits. I REALLY want to see my Style go above 500p.
Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night

Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night (DS)

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