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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night (DS)

KatrinaTheLamia played Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night

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Next round of introductions...

Catalina's Introduction was in my last update of this game.
Flirt, who is currently rocking the Gladiator Class.

Flirt started off as the pervy cleric. As typically if a body is injured, it is a lot easier to get away with groping it. Naturally ended up being the first to learn Divination, loved to give fellow party members their fortune.

Pretty much every class decision for Flirt started off as an excuse to have him perv out all over the other three girls. The original fourth party member (and third girl) chose not to show up, thanks to Flirt's presence on our team. Luckily around the time of trying to take on Coffinwell, Derthy was able to be grabbed from the wild, and agreed to be pointed to things that needed to be killed.

We also chained Derthy to Flirt to warn us, when he kept perving. Usually the alarm was of blood curdling screams of Flirt's body parts being torn off. Good thing he is a healer, right?

Next Flirt decided to get sneaky, and worked with the Theif class--thanks to him watching... or rather, being unable to watch Blinda. Eventually Flirt jumped over to Minstrel, then decided he knew why the ladies (even the three of us) were not all over him and sending him restraining orders... he was not buff enough. He began working on Martial Arts, Warrior and a few other classes to buff him up, and make him more manly--and thus unresistable to the ladies.

Honestly, those suggestions involving tentacles and three flurry feathers are more what we have issues with. He is probably the only person who can use an Agility Ring to go from lasting a whole minute, rather than half a minute, when he does get lucky. She was a very nice goat too. I feel quite bad for what she was going through, to stoop so low as to sleep with Flirt.

Flirt did end up getting to be an Armitase, to try to up his charm and style. We had a lot of Sluggers and slimes falling in love with him then. The fish and the bugs as well. It was funny, how they'd stop fighting in battle, and start hitting on him. Ah... Karma. The only sad bit, is both the sluggers and Flirt have the same Prestige class, so we'd not get anything good from the egg they'd make.

Flirt is currently in Gladiator role, and insists on being call Russel Maximacrow. Whatever that means. His hands haven't wandered, as he is trying to the "I am so big and manly thing"--because he thinks it will make a difference.


And gameplay. Never killed enough of those damned little Jewel Goodie Bags. They never showed up on the overworld at all. So, ended up heading to Simple Dimples academy, to get a few new quests. We have the 30p Sword Skill one, we signed up for. The 30p Whip quest and the 30p Wand quest.

Ended up going to the wrong island with the bunny lady. We ran into the one by Zere, Coffinwell and Stonewell. Then figured, since we were right near by, we'd drop by the West side of the continent to grab some Thinkincest and Mirrorstone.

We also jumped around on the beach on the eastside of the Mountains where you can find Zere Rocks, Slurry Quay and Dourbridge on the west face. All sorts of Golems. This was before jumping to the West side continent. We figured that with the current set up, only one person was aboe 30lvl, who was Blinda at 39lvl. We had Catalina who was 29lvl... and Flirt and Derthy were both at 19lvl at the start. It still was not sporting killing all those Golem. Figured maybe I could go with a little bit less equipment to give the Golem a chance.

Then they started getting critical hits. Hell, on our way to the Western Continent, every ocean enemy seemed to be going haywire with their spells. None of them were dropping anything useful either.

Saw the Red Sign--and beat up a few Cyclops. They looked at us funny. I do not care if you do not have depth perception, that is not any kind of excuse for that behavior! Talked to the guy in that port, to be able to unlock one of the Salamaruaders to drop a special item in Tyrille Cave.

Bastards STILL haven't dropped it. I swear, if Catalina gets to 32lvl and she still doesn't see it, she is going to say, FREAK THIS... and just talk to the girl in the bunny ears, to begin the whip quest. Maybe even report back the sword quest has been done--or something.

Oh right--did inventory. We sold some stuff, as we were not certain if we could still get kit at the store in Wormwood after we left. Turns out we could--but ended up having to grab a bunch more stuff again. Mostly Mithrel--as those damned Jewish Golems did not drop any damned Mithrel. Well, I guess since it wasn't kosher, they couldn't feel good about us getting it. I mean, those Golems have Jewish moms--that they do not want to make cry. The Rabbi Golem, he can forgive--but their mothers? No, you do not tick off a Jewish Mom. That is more crazy that paying retail, I could plotz.

Also if I do the desert quest where I pick up those duneberries, I can now get Silver Platters. Which means finally I can alchemise MORE stuff. It also makes it closer to having 50% of items, 50% of Equipment and 50% of Alchemy Recipes set up... for more Alcolades.

The special item drop quests, will do to increase my item percent... and it will allow me to aquire more ingrediants, to get more Alchemy done.

Also, it will allow Catalina to get close to a level, that makes sense to switch to Paladin class. To show that Nancy boy's soul who the frug is boss! Never mind Catalina is probably going to just stick with the Theif class (entirely perfect her claws skills) as her main class at the end.

It is not like I can even think of getting them to STOP SINGING ABOUT ME WALKING INTO PEOPLE'S HOUSES GOING THROUGH THEIR POTS, BARRELS, CUPBOARDS AND DRAWERS! And just stealling everything. Look, I never succeeded at stealing from Aquil did I? And who doesn't do that when they go into a house. Blowing them up with a large fireball doesn't seem to stop them from spreading these tales far and wide.


"She robs from the rich and also the poor,
When you are asleep, she'll rob your snore.
If you value you it, she'd probably take your chore,
If you think you've stolen a bit, she's definitely stole more.

Coming into you house, unstoppable dash,
From your daughter she stole that horrible rash,
She robs your home, at your birthday bash,
Never worry, she already has your cash.

If was asking for it anyway,
It was really nailled down today,
Shouldn't 'ave asked for it that way,
Stealling it was just cause if its sway.

She runs like a coursing river,
Taking ever'thang, never mind your silver,
The nutrients of the land she'll pilffer,
The gods of theivery are a quiver!"
Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night

Dragon Quest IX: Guard of the Starry Night (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
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