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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Enchanted Arms (X360)

KatrinaTheLamia played Enchanted Arms

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Okay, about twenty hours into the game, and I start to get story.

You know what? I dinged FF XIII for that crap, Enchanted Arms, I am also going to ding you for it as well.

I spent most of this game, fighting battle simulations and wandering around that forest nearby London.

You know what? The map of this world makes no damned sense anymore. But then, that is just one of many issues of its plot.

I mostly blame it on the fact the game is Japanese. The Japanese are not that overly known for having their Cartoons, Comics or games have their plots start on anything other than a Not Even Wrong status level. For a good example of a cartoon that starts on a premise that is Not Even Wrong, and never bothered to ever be justified, I will refer you to Code Geiss. Which the main reason it is interesting is it is a long mind fvck of a ride, that appears to have a Gainex Ending.

What Americans have started with B-movies, the Japanese perfected, and have continued on to this day with.

In the case of Enchanted Arms, we have a rather illogically sized and geographically set up "world" (I am going to use the word "region" in this post--it generally makes more sense to me)

In this case, the river has frozen, so a land known for FIRE has decided to start rationing water-because we all know that Ice is a permanent change that never returns to water. Also the nearby rivers seem unaffected by the reasons of this water ration. As there is plenty of water in them, and very little ice. The local forests appear live and well. However, the town known for fire seems unable to deal with their water turning to ice.

Moving on here--there really is no where to move on.

This game is mostly about the strategy and interesting elements that can be done in the battle system.

The plot generally is not something that any person who has any functioning braincells in their head would bother to watch. Even without thinking about it, likely quite a few would die.

Much like anything else that has came out of Japan over the last twenty years.

Mind you, some items DO give some wonderful MSTing moments. There are also a few comics that are not that bad. Typically most cartoons and video games are getting painful to watch--even with a healthy dose of MSTing the crap out of it.

On the cartoon bit: I do, sometimes, try to watch the subs. However, due to my limited understanding of Japanese, and their cutlure, I normally quickly switch over to the dubs. As most of the time, they are just as retarded--and I feel somehow less pretentious in doing so, as at this point, I am aware that the plot is just as retarded in the dubbed version.

Well, except for a few Funimation and 4Kids botch ups-where they got the dubs to be more retarded. That anything would seem intelligent in comparison.

So really, most of my faults I NOW have with this game, is well--the same ones I tend to fault various other Japanese media for.

At least the battle system is fairly interesting.
Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 29/AUG/06
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