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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Enchanted Arms (X360)

KatrinaTheLamia played Enchanted Arms

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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And loaded this up into my 360. As this is another game that misuses the Achievements system as a substitute for a progress metre--and it would appear I am really not that far.

So got out of the damn. There were a few doors that I mistook for the background.

I dunno--the random encounters I got into were way too damn easy. Generally only going to two turns when I was not really paying attention/caring.

Well, except for one of the golem fights where I would have gotten the core. That one went up to four turns--mostly because I really was not taking it seriously.

Though, considering most of the golems I am running sneeze at a monster, and they die.

So I get out of the sewers--and I finally get a chance to have Atsune say something intelligent. So I jumped on it without thinking.

Then, I get onto what I think is a "But Thou Must" moment. And well the choice was, "I will tell you info, in return for your devoted loyalty"--which really is not that decent of a choice in my mind. So--I said no... and well... did not go into a But Thou Must moment.

But when I went to save--like the dumbass I am, I saved over my previous file.. D'OH!

Oh well--looks like I am not that far, and could get to this first branching point again.

Oh right, and I have gotten all the cores fashioned together. So, just need to get enough skill points to teach the people on my party learn their moves. Though, I am in no real rush to do so.
Enchanted Arms

Enchanted Arms (X360)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Strategy RPG
Release Date: 29/AUG/06
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