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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Gradius ReBirth (WII)

KatrinaTheLamia played Gradius ReBirth

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Played this again--I dunno, getting killed at the same boss every damn time, really gets old after a little while. Especially if I do not actually know I am doing the correct thing to defeat it. So, yeah--this one is not likely to be played again.
Gradius ReBirth

Gradius ReBirth (WII)

Genre/Style: Shooter/Side-Scrolling Shooter
Release Date: 09/MAR/09
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Well, it's Gradius. It's one of those games which is about trail and error.
@Fallout2Forever yeah--except I have no clue as to how I am suppose to beat the boss. I just keep dying at it. I am getting no clues when I fire at it. Generally all my shots, no matter they land, do not seem to have any affect on it.

It is no longer a matter of trail and error.

IIRC a common definition of insanity is, "doing the exact same thing over and over again and expecting a different result."
@KatrinaTheLamia True, but at the same time success is the results of several failures.

Don't do it the exact same way every time, instead try different things every time, and you'll end up killing it.
@Fallout2Forever just one issue: I am out of different things to try. I have no idea what my next strategy to try is. Hence why I am not going to play it again.
@KatrinaTheLamia Yeah, running out of ideas can be a pain.
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