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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Persona (PSP)

KatrinaTheLamia played Persona

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
  • excited
Holy crap! Really loving this game. I actually took a more or less fully charged battery down to being completely gone in a single sitting here... o.o'

Anyways, I have some cards, and know where a few Velvet Rooms are.

Tried creating a few personnas--apparently I am not at a high enough level to summon Anubis. Which is a shame. Managed to create one--but well, the battery died after I tried created the second one.

So yeah--my PSP is aside for a bit, while it charges itself.

Persona (PSP)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Isometric RPG
Release Date: 22/SEP/09
Emblem for Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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