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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Pokémon Ranger

KatrinaTheLamia played Pokémon Ranger

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Decided to restart this game.

I named the character "Lucille" instead of "Malice".

For some reason, I made it past the first official ranger quest. That is with the Plusle bothering the Taillow.

Okay--seeing as how any the gltiches I am having ended when I restarted the game... I can now do a proper more full on review.

I played far enough to just be standing in front of the first boss battle of the Go-Rock Squad.

Looking at some of the elements and ideas presented here in this game--and what Team Dim Sun is doing in the second one.

There seem to be a fair amount of odd parallels to the Shadow incidents in Pokemon Colosseum and Pokemon XD.

I may play more--because I may be able to work some idea of how the Shadow Pokemon in Orre came to be, as well as how the Snag'em Machine was conceived as being developed in the various Rangers games.

I dunno--the Rangers games now that I can get somewhere with them, seem to be ones that I can really get into an understanding of the world of Pokemon better with.

But then, they are done by Hal Labs. The same people who gave us the Kirby games, which has a fairly consistent and well laid out world to it. And for RPGs they DID give us the Mother series.

In this game, the Go Rock Squad is largely incompetent. However, that is kind of the point of me being a Ranger here. I, as the PC, have taken training on how to professionally do these missions. Help people out and what not.

The Go Rock Squad is essentially like all the Batman wannabes in The Dark Knight. They seem to want to help--but generally are liabilities due to lack of training, ability or maturity.

Especially when their game play is essentially a get rich quick scheme consisting of:

1) Take a powerful styler
2) Capture a really powerful Pokemon
3) Bully people into doing what you want.

I admit, in this game play, when I saw the Kyogre temple in the jungle I nearly had a heart attack. "Oh, shoot--no... they could not. They could not be wanting to use this for there stuff. Not at their current abilities"

Generally understanding how what they were doing was back firing on them.

For once, I can enjoy a villain in a game, is because my job is just as much to save them, as anybody else.

Now that I am past that broken bridge, I really like what Hal Labs did here.
Pokémon Ranger

Pokémon Ranger

Release Date: 13/APR/07
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