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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Pokemon: Emerald Version (GBA)

KatrinaTheLamia played Pokemon: Emerald Version

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Meh--mostly just trying to get a bit further here.

My team currently consists of a Ralts, an Abra, a Wingull, a Tailow, a Grovyle and Nincada.

Kind of wanting to have more than enough Pokemans to kick Gym Leader 2's ass.

Other Pokemon I can capture nearby to help;
* Sableye
* Zubat

Other Pokemon nearby:
* Nosepass
* Mawile
* Geodude (I think... these guys have generally gotten to the status of "I do not notice them anymore".. there MAY be Geodude's here... I just did not register fighting them)

Anyways, I am going to try to capture a few more in here.

As well, the main point of this play through, is to set up Emerald as a base of operations to help out my Heart Gold game. Then, maybe whatever Gen V game I end up getting.

Also, something about setting it up, so that if people want to have a battle with Gen III rulesets and what not--it is generally easier for me to do, as I would kind of have a team that maybe fits.

I mean, stop having fun guys--THIS IS FVCKING POGEYMANZ!
Pokemon: Emerald Version

Pokemon: Emerald Version (GBA)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date: 28/APR/05
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