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KatrinaTheLamia played Pokemon: FireRed Version

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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blah levelling up is blah.

Currently working on evolving:
* Drowzee into Hypno
* Meowth into Persian
* Ekans into Arbok
* Charmeleon into Charizard

I do still however have to get into my Pokedex before I really will bother with "killing" the Marowak in the tower:
* Pidgeot
* Fearow
* Nidoran Female
* Nidorina
* Nidoqueen (maybe... Moonstones are kind of rare)
* Nidoran Male
* Nidorino
* Nidoking
* Gloom
* Vileplume
* Kadabra
* Graveler
* Haunter
* Electrode (maybe)
* Gyrados

As well, I have this insane desire to get what ever items the Aides are given and be able to have them, before they ever ask.

Currently, my 'dex has 47 in it, this will allow for 70. Putting me well above the national dex status.

Which since the current plan is to grab a copy of Leaf Green and trade over a Squirtle, a Bulbasaur and an Omanyte (and any version exclusives, of course) to be bred in this one... I am not that worried really.

My plan is to have my Gen III and Gen IV games so damned ridiculously complete, that when Gen V comes out--I kind of have some rather big things for people to work around.

I dunno--there has got to be some way that Gen V will nerf the previous two Gens of Pokemon to the point of making them not even worth having set up. I mean, yes, it is obvious that strategies given in Gen III and Gen IV will lose some of their effectiveness. That kind of is a "No duh" moment.

However there needs to be something, that kind of has newer players have a chance against those of us without lives... I mean... those of us that want to (or already are) playing competitively.

Yeah, a few people will bitch and moan about it-but they have been bitching on ever Gen since Gen III... mostly for really stupid reasons that they will recant and even deny ever saying about one or two Gens later.
Pokemon: FireRed Version

Pokemon: FireRed Version (GBA)

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Release Date: 07/SEP/04
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