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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

KatrinaTheLamia played Pokemon: Heart Gold

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Anyways, figured I'd just give a rather quick update of what all has been done here.

You know that Dream Team I have been EV Training in Pearl and Platinum? I noticed that the last Gym Battle I won allowed me to control up to level 50 Pokemon. And a fair amount of my Dream Team were still under level 50 at that point.

This had kind of allowed me to coast in the game all the way to the point of needing to go through the Diglets Tunnel.

I then found out what radio station I needed to turn it to to wake up the sleeping Snorlax. This after I tried transfering over a Blue Flute from my Pearl Game.

After which it has been pretty much clear sailing.

Until I get to Red.

Between his Lapras and his Snorlax I have been having the most issues. But then, I AM about twelve to fourteen levels lower than him. And really, it has only really been the Snorlax ad the Lapras that has really given me any issues here.

That Electric Rat? Usually out within the first two turns.

I have put my Weather Control Roserade in my team for dealing with the Hail condition... so to make his use of Blizzard not 100% Accurate... which it seems every bloody member of his team knows Blizzard.

It really does not help that three of my team members are Grass Type Pokemon (Roserade, C'thulhu the Cradilly and Candy Tree the Exeggutor). This added with my signature Seviper, which is surprisingly competent in this battle... and Waffles the Slowing. Who really cannot do much damage to them--but then, they cannot seem to do much damage to him. Well, except the Venasaur and Dead Rat (had the Pikachu not died within one or two moves into the battle). Though, Repiv-chan usually takes out the Venasaur no problem. If I do not take it out with C'thulhu prior to needing the Seviper.

Working on getting more Trick Room members over to my Heart Gold cardm so I can relieve Candy Tree. I may put Great Leon The Kecleon into the mix. Though, his moveset may not work here:
* Ice Pawnch
* Stealth Rocks
* Trick (to switch a Choice Scarf onto the opposing trainer)
* Trick Room

I still have to train my Grumpig and Jynx Trick Roomers, and breed my trick room Spinda and Mr. Mime.

Also since I got Trick Room from my Gym Battle with Green, I can move this over to my Pearl Cart, and get Trick Room into the Amorphious Egg Group. Making it so that the only Egg Group I do not have Trick Room in for breeding purposes would be Mineral... which TBH, putting any TM into the Mineral group, does not make sense, due to most of those lacking genders.

Trick Room Users: Trained:
* Waffles the Slowking
* Candy Tree the Exeggutor
* Great Leon the Kecleon

In Training:
* Prof Kissum, the Jynx (currently a Smoochum)
* Time Pig, the Grumpig (currently a Spoink)
* Bronzong (currently a Bronzor) (got this one from The Winner's Path on the PokeWalker)

To be made:
* Mr. Mime
* Spinda
* Gardevior
* Banette
* Dusknoir
* Genger (may be too fast for Trick Room)
* Driflimp

also, since my team is more of a field effect team, than strictly Trick Room, the others will be:

Reflect/Light Screen
* Mr. Mime
* Corsola
* Rotom

Field Weather Changes:
* Grrl Gears the Mawile
* Abomasnow
* Hippowdon
* Castform
* Roserade
* Lapras
* Froslass
* Cacturne

Stealth Rockers
* Great Leon the Kecleon

Toxic Spikers
* Currently only Anne Weying the Ariados

Normal Spikers
* None Currently

* None... currently

And because just simply making it so that the field changes alone will not kill them (though, two toxic spikes, six normal spikes, reflect, light screen, stealth rocks, Trick Room, Gravity and adverse Weather Effects WILL cause severe issues for any opponent), my other team members will be, after training:

* Weezing
* Lunatone

Normal Battle
* Freddie Mercury the GRIDS Bear... er... AIDS Bear... er.. Rape Bear... Ursaring (complete)
* Dread Belly the Thick Fat Snorlax (in training)
* Black Belly the Immunity Snorlax (in training)
* C'thulhu the Cradily (complete)
* Crawdaunt
* Marrowak
* Kingler
* Muk
* Octillery
* Carnevine
* Sudowoodo
* Dunsparc
* Kangaskan (scrappy)
* Garbage Cloak Wormadam
* Sand Cloak Wormadam

For when a Trick Room cannot be set up (or may be harmful):
* Tauros
* Dugtrio
* Electivire
* Lopunny
* Starmie
* Kita The Ninetales
* Medicham

I mean, since nobody really battles with their Platinum or Pearl packs anymore (in fact, the last world tornament was kind of HGSS only) once these are fully trained, they will be moved over into my Heart [of] Gold card.

I also will slowly start swapping stuff back and forth from my Pearl Cart with this one, Mostly to fill Pokedex entries.

As my Heart [of] Gold game, SHOULD allow my entries needed for Mewtwo, Latias, Allowing Emerald to supply Latios. Pearl still has Heatran nice and ready. Making me only wonder where I will get Arceus, Jirachi, Celebi and Deoxys.

I mean, I can track down a bonus disc for Jirachi. And I MAY be able to get an e-reader card for Deoxys. However, Arceus and Celebi I still need to wait for an event to happen with those in the desolate godless wasteland I happen to call home.

My Goal is to make my Pokemon games ridiculously complete.
Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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