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KatrinaTheLamia played Pokemon Puzzle League

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Alright, I downloaded this game a long time ago, as a joke. However, the more I play it, the more it seems less like a throw away money making game, but a game that is really awesome, but would not sell on it own (hey, it is Tetris Attack, who buys games like Tetris Attack?), so they dressed it up like Pokemon.

Playing the Line Attack mode... and by about Stage 4 it gets really crazy. As the blocks I need to clear start to wrap around the screen. So not all the blocks are on the main playing field right away (though, they wrap around behind the current ones).

I dunno, now tat I have played the line attack mode more, I note that I prolly would have been willing to pay 30..40$CAD on this game when it was out on the N64.

Though, until Stage 4 of Line Clear, I really only regarded it as possibly as just slightly better than most of the tripe on Wiiware, that gets a similar or higher price--for something that is shovel ware. Then I clear Stage 3, go into the Special Stage (which Butch and Cassidy pwned me, BTW). I get into Stage 4. Ready for the same old same old... and wow... I am kind of wondering what happens at Stage Eight.

Yeah, IIRC, there was a Puzzle League game available on the DSi-ware shop. If I do ever get a DSi (Hell would need to thaw out first), I would definitely end up grabbing that Puzzle League game.

Oh BTW, after playing this, an event that I have not felt occur in years occurred. I now see Puzzle League stuff when I close my eyes an blink. It has been forever since that has occurred. That only normally happens when a video game decently engages your mind while playing it. IIRC, the cartoonist Scott McCloud went over this concept in one of his works.

But yeah... Stage 4.. Line Clear... wow.

Also: tried the 1 Player stadium mode on Normal. I hate you Gary Motherfucking Oak, you know this right?
Pokemon Puzzle League

Pokemon Puzzle League (WII)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 05/MAY/08
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