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KatrinaTheLamia's gameplay for Pokemon: Red Version (GB)

KatrinaTheLamia played Pokemon: Red Version

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Well, I still know a few people that play by the Gen I Metagame. So, this game mostly is to allow me to speed through, and get to the point where I can put one of the two fossils onto my Pokemon Silver cartridge. Which involves me getting to the point where the fossil is revived, and then trading it to my Silver game. At which point, I will restart, to get a better base going, and ship the final fossil over.

I already have two of the starters on the Pokemon Stadium storage space.

Which mostly means getting far enough in Silver, to put trade them onto that game.

During my time MIA, I had to restart the game. As well, where I ended up as was well--I had messed up.

Right now, I am running around Viridian Forest leveling up a Pikachu, a Beedrill and a Charmander. Which I will then take on Brock, and win.

There was a time, when doing this, would result in my loss. Now of days, I think I have gotten good enough, that I could pull this off.

The premise is also hilarious too. These three are usually the ones, that you are recommended against taking to Brock.

Suggesting that you go for a Butterfree, Rattata or at least choose a different starter.

However, I am fairly certain that my understanding of Gen I is at a high enough level, that I could easily pull off this VERY mocking victory.
Pokemon: Red Version

Pokemon: Red Version (GB)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date: 28/SEP/98
Emblem for Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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The only things I understood in this were "Pikachu", "Charmander" and "Brock."

I felt compelled to make a contribution, any way.
I just catch a Mankey next to Viridian city and level him until he learns Low Kick
@bettadud except, Mankey does not exist on the Route in Red Gen I.

He does not get placed there until Gen I Yellow.

Otherwise, yeah, I probably would too.

I just think this method is a bit more on the funny side of things.
I bought Pokémon Red again a couple years ago, with the intention of getting every single Pokémon by playing the whole way through and then doing a couple quick runs on my Blue version.

I got as far as Mt. Moon.
@amedeus8 Well, to be fair, the Gen I games are fairly poorly balanced--and generally horrid as far as cRPGs and JRPGs go.

I mean, I can see why they likely would have been completely forgotten, had the Comics and Cartoons not appeared for them.

These Gen I games were kind of the reason I skipped Gen II.

They are fairly bad.

. . .

shit thats sad
@KatrinaTheLamia G/S was awesome, what are you talking about? R/B/Y/G/S/C was the best part of Pokémon's lifespan. Everything after that has been pretty meh.
There were more than 6 versions you recognize?
@amedeus8 Correction GSC were the some of the best parts of the Pokemon lifespan (Gen II)

RYGB (Gen I) was some of the most glitched up, unbalanced sets in the games that made little to no sense characterwise.

I mean, okay, yes, saying "no Mewtwo, Alakazam and Mew" does do some stuff...

But thanks to stuff like the item cloning, Pokemon cloning, Mew Trick and (to some extent) crap able to be done with Zzazz trainers--a game that was already very poorly balanced (hurr hurr, I am Psychic, .'. I win everything) (I can teach thunderbolt, ice beam or flame thrower to pretty much any Pokemon, effectively making a fair amount unusable), now is made very unbalanced.

Gen II did a fair amount to fix the main base issues of Gen I. However, most of this stuff done in Gen I was the result of so many bad coding issues, that it was silly really.

As per Gen III, all it really did was add Abilities, a few new moves and a few new Pokemon. Since some of these looked somewhat similar to Gen I's and Gen II's stuff, it got called "they are running out of ideas!". If you want to start calling that crap, there are plenty of Gen I duplicates put into Gen II that you can also look at.

Then main issue, really, in Gen III, was they redid that statistics setup, so that EV Training was added in Gen III. Gen I and Gen II still operated on the Stat Experience system. Gen I/II also had IVs somewhat split into Species Stats Maxs and Genetic Stats. With Stat Experience being determined by what is now called IVs than anything else.

In redoing this though, they made it nearly impossible to fill up the Gen III Pokedexes in Hoenn and Kanto.

Gen III also saw Chunsoft create the Mystery Dungeon versions of Pokemon, and the Sorority Group making the first campaign mode in 3d.

While what Sorority Group did has been what people wanted for years, I guess it caused issues with the using the 3d game to battle with friends. The main complaint, is you cannot easily swap between multiple trainer cards, like in Pokemon Stadium and Pokemon Battle Revolution.

Gen III also had the issue of Pokemon Box, a utility that kind of ends up being required after a while, not being in stock in any meaningful amount. My Pokemon Ranch is pretty much the new version of this, but there are issues on that utility as well. At least with Pokemon Box, you could run multiple save files, as long as you hand multiple Gamecube cards.

Gen IV brought us the Pokemon Ranger Franchise, which is done by Hal Labs. A few new evolutions (in fact, that was the main point of the stuff they added in Gen IV). A few new abilities, a few new moves, the type split--and mostly a few subtle type additions, more than anything.

Gen IV also gave us the ability to battle over the internet with Pokemon we raised for the first time. Well, Pokemon Battle Network and Shoddy Battle also have done this--but not very well.

I mean, okay, I understand that Gen II is pretty kickin'. As now that I have revisited it, after skipping it... because Gen I is just that bad of a game. It left a bad taste in my mouth--it was only made worse, as I could not lose a battle in it either, with anybody I went against.

Now mind you, I have forgotten most of what I knew then, which is what makes me need to work on my meta game.
I mean, this is all fair enough. But really, it sounds like your major problem of "unbalance" in the Gen. I games mostly only applies to multiplayer. Because rocking the world with a firebreathing water type was awesome in single player. And I never played against other people. I don't really bother with multiplayer in games outside of some rare few, and none of those were on the Game Boy.

The other thing I'm noticing is that you're counting more than just the main games, which I'm not. As far as I'm concerned, Gen. I is just R/B/Y, not R/B/Y/Stadium. Or Snap. Or Pinball, or whatever else.

And once you get rid of this, most of that doesn't apply to me, which means that for me at least, Gen. I is still pretty much reigning champ whether you like it more or not.
@amedeus8 Gen I is mostly RYGB and Stadium.

Pinball, Snap and Puzzle League are not anything that really affects much of anything. Snap kind of affects the story though... but not really.

I mostly mentioned Mystery Dungeon and Rangers, as these side games have been known to contain items that you can use in the main games.

Stadium I, exists as mostly a similar state as Pokemon Box and My Pokemon Ranch, with the added function of 3d Battling.

Stadium II does however, add a few new features to that game. Cannot remember if it is the move relearner, or the move deleter though. It also acts as a storage device and as a 3d battling.

And, yeah--one of the main things I was about, was battling other people.

As to be fully honest: the one player game, even for when it came out (1996 in Japan, 1998 in NA) is fairly craptastic and glitchy.

I mean, yes, the graphics when in battle are some of the best Pokemon has ever had. However, there were just so many other usability issues and issues with game scripts and the game code that made it get irritating to play after a while.

Eventually it became just something to visit Glitch City, do the Mew Trick, fight Zzazz trainers and what not.

I dunno--maybe if I wanted to get horror stories instead of get some decent creatures to battle, then maybe.
What about Hey You! Pikachu!
@bettadud I keep forgetting Hey You! Pikachu ever existed...

No... wait--I am using the wrong wording... not forgetting...

OH RIGHT! Wishing it never existed. I sometimes confuse the two.

I cannot think of anything Hey You! Pikachu added to Gen I. Apart from Nintendo going, "gee, a lot of people are liking this Seaman game Sega is doing. How about we make our own creepy ass fish game? AND we star Pikachu in it! Ooh! At we make out speech commands be the usual sort that you need to be speaking English with an american accent to be able to do anything."

"Haha! That shall confine those Limey Bastards from playing this game!"

"Oh yes! And we will not need to sell this to spics either!"

I will admit, since most voice commands tend to get confused by accents--and I apparently get really Welsh sounding when I am rather upset--I get some rather odd results.

Well, after I beat the crap out of the person who said I sounded like a bloody daft Welsh git. Then--buy the guy a beer shortly afterwards.
Hey, You! Pikachu! was the shit.
@amedeus8 I whole heartedly agree.

Hey You! Pikachu! was the biggest shit Nintendo ever shrink wrapped.
hurr durr durr obvious reversal is obvious
@KatrinaTheLamia I believe Superman for the N64 still holds that title.
@LordXenophon you know, come to think of it--the N64 DOES have some of the worst titles in the history of gaming. Which is fair, as it also has some of the best titles in the history of game.

Lets see, on this worst game list:
* Daikatana (yes, there is an N64 port)
* Earthworm Jim 3d
* Superman 64
* Hey you! Pikachu!
* The NFL Blitz series (well the ones on the N64 anyways)

I mean, I am fairly certain that this list could be made longer.

We already know a fair amount of the games that just ooze awesome from the awesome aura of awesome that they emit.

N64 appears to have just been "one of those consoles".
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