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KatrinaTheLamia played Rock Band: Special Edition

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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All right, I was at my Mom's house of Thanksgiving. The correct Thanksgivings, the Canadian Thanksgiving. That occurs on the Second Monday of Octobre.

Anyways, I had brought a form of mobile communications centre including a fair amount of games--including SSBZ, which I was playing up until this point, with Jade, who is the daughter of the man my Mom is dating (heh, I am still a little bit leary of calling Jade my step sister). Mom comes down and says, "let us play something fun!"

I reply, "well, I have Ghosbusters and Super Smash Bros Z and plenty of others?"

"No, I want something that is multiplayer and fun!"

I note that _all_ the games I brought have some form of mutliplayer aspect to them.

So, Mom, Nyssa, Ali (St.AMP's (my Brother) Fiancee), Jade and St.AMP set it up, and me and Ali sit aside, and Mom takes up the Mic, Nyssa on one of the Axes, St.AMP on the other, and Jade on Drums.

They play a rather sorry rendition of Hungry Like a Wolf. Jade seemed out of place on the drums. Mom looked like she had no concept of what a Microphone was when she was using it (Protip: you are suppose to put a Microphone right up to your mouth. Like you are biting into an apple. If you are worried about spit, you can hold the Mic sideways, to make the spit less likely to hit the Mic itself).

So, I wander over, and ask if I could try a little bit on the drums... after making a few references to how Jade likely would do better if she pulled a Def Leopard and lost an Arm (it should be noted that only I and Jade's father understood what I was referencing--making me look like a horrible person)

I get on... well, apparently I am too loud on the drums. Right, I am playing Rock Band... a game that emulates a _Rock_ band, and somehow it is possible for drums to be too loud (which St.AMP later told me, this was a common complaint).

So I move over to Bass. I have never had much experience with Bass. I use to sing Karaoke until my voice was completely destroyed. I have tried to play guitar in the past. I did not go any further as my fingers could not blister or callus properly. Giving me issues getting any speed. The Bass seemed rather boring and simple. Keeping in mind, this was the first time ever playing.

So then, next I get Guitar... or should I say, DDR on a stick. It plays _nothing_ like a Guitar.

Some issues:
* what is calls chords, have little to no similar concepts in reality.
* No chance to adlib. Many of my favourite Rock Stars (such as Frank Zappa) have been known to screw up in their song. Is it a bad thing? No, Frank Zappa turns the screw up into the rest of the song. I mean, if I was able to play Guitar (I cannot because my fingers cannot callus correctly), and I screwed up a song, I would just start adlibing for the next little bit, and then return back to the original song. Doing the whole: I meant to do that... however, in a manner that works with what the other band members are doing.
* I was doing something silly, and timing myself to the drum, rather than those dots on the screen. This is just something I find it easier to do.

I dunno--this was the first time I was playing, and despite it claiming to be a game where you are a Rock Band, and having the only connection to Rock music, being that you have Rock music playing in the background... I now _hate_ Rock Band, and put it as worse than Daikatana in my rankings of games.

Though, that may be because of the dispute that occurred afterwards (which shows that both Mom and Nyssa forgot: you _never_ grab a controller, mouse or keyboard from somebody. That only ends in tears. You _always_ ask for such a device before you touch it. Grabbing a mouse, controller, keyboard, or _anything_ out of somebody's hands, will only, and I mean _only_ serve to piss the person off)
Rock Band: Special Edition

Rock Band: Special Edition (WII)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Musical Instrument/Band Simulation
Release Date: 22/JUN/08
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