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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Finally got my damn Manaphy! HAHA!

Okay... now the damn spots to be filled in on my Pearl's National Dex are:

150: Mewtwo
151: Mew
250: Hooh
251: Celebi
380/381: Lati@s
285: Deoxys
386: Jirachi
485: Heatran
493: Arceus

Mewtwo I will work on going through Fire Red to grab.

Mew, I can grab via My Pokemon Ranch.

Hooh will be grabbed via Heart Gold, when I grab it when it comes out, next month... (or was it March it comes out? I dunno...)

Celebi has two ways to grab. One, IIRC is via the Pikachu Coloured Pichu quest in HGSS. Do not quote me here. The other, is to track down the Japanese Colosseum Bonus Disk, a Japanese Ruby or Sapphire pack and systems that can run and link the two.

Lati@s: still need to run my way through Emerald two more times... yeah...

Deoxys: no idea how the hell I am going to grab this little guy.

Jirachi: about the only way I can think of to grab this, would be to locate a copy of the Colosseum bonus disk.

Heatran: Yeah--still need to do the damn Stark Mountain quest. I really do not wanna--apart from completeness on my Pokedex. Never really found Heatran interesting TBH.

Arceus: I live in the god forsaken realm of Canada. I do not expect to see Arceus here anytime soon. Why? Because god hates Canadians! Or--at least the Pokegod does.


Did not really get much else done today...
Pokemon: Pearl Version

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My Pokemon Ranch

My Pokemon Ranch (WII)

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