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HAHA! Nearly completed Waffles EV Training!

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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As we all know, I have been having issues with EV training. Mostly a mixture of slacking off and screwing up by fighting the wrong monsters. Not really that it is hard. Just well--dull.

Anyways, went through the whole training of my Pokemon in the Eterna Forest. In one level up, Waffles gained +7 Special Attack EVs. The next level was only +4. Sooo... going to guess that his Special Attack EVs are full.

Moving to work on Training Special Defense EVs.

I will note that my level 30 Slowking (Waffles) has three out of six stats that are higher than my level 58 Pikachu. EV training is fun XD The stats that the Pikachu has higher than Waffles is Speed, HP and Attack. And well, Waffles really is not training for Attack or Speed. EV training for Special Attack and Special Defense.

Waffles moveset is:
* Flamethrower
* Surf
* Psychic
* Trick Room

Nature: Relaxed.

Planned hold item: Lagging Tail.

Anyways--this game is the one that I am working on EV training as well:
* Roserade (Rain Dance/Sunny Day/Weather Ball with Shadow Ball planned to be added ASAP) Planned Held Item: Coba Berry
* Candy Tree[Exeggutor] (Seed Bomb/Trick Room/Sludge Bomb, with Psychic planned): Held Item: ???
* C'thang Polox[Cradilly, currently Lileep] (Restore/LeedSeed, with Ingrain and Giga Drain planned): Held Item: Big Root or Leftovers

In Fire Red News:

Started working on training Amy Lee the Cubone. Probably going to teach it Ice Beam, Flame Thrower, Facade,and Attract (What? Cubone/Marowak is the emo pokemon--why should it be useful? I mean--this strikes me as a very special Pokemon. Hence the name Amy Lee >.>').

Went into Rock Tunnel to try to capture an Onyx and well, train a few things on the side.

No dice on the Onyx.

Loaded up Pokemon Pearl. Did not do much--apparently when I put it to charge, it was not plugged in >.>'
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