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I disapprove

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KatrinaTheLamia said...
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Well... I must admit, when I got to the Voodoo Lady in Launch of the Screaming Narwhal... I felt a little put off that Guybrush seemed grossed out that she too would have a sex life.

I mean, I look at her, and she seems pretty and very smart. I dunno, maybe I missed something in Escape From Monkey Island, but I really have no idea why he'd be so grossed out by her.

I mean, it is not like she has a penis (even then, I've never truly understood why people find that an issue).

I dunno, basically when she let off that yes she does have a sex life, and a love interest, Guybrush immediately handled it the wrong way. I mean, unless he does that with _every_ woman he meets (which he might actually).

Then, he looks at a closet, the Voodoo Lady simply says it is where she keeps her "unmentionables" (seeming to blush a little)--and it becomes labelled as "The Scariest Closet In The World"

I dunno--I really have no idea _why_ Guybrush would react this way. Unless it would be in character for him to not really want to hear about _anybody's_ private life--female or male.

It just took me off a little.

Keep in mind, the kind of senseless destruction that Guybrush has done over the years--I am kind of curious as to why him and Elaine haven't had a child yet >.>
The Curse of Monkey Island

The Curse of Monkey Island (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
The Secret of Monkey Island [5.25" VGA Version]

The Secret of Monkey Island [5.25" VGA Version] (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge [3.5" Disk]

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge [3.5" Disk] (PC)

Genre/Style: Adventure/Third-Person Graphic Adventure
Release Date:
Tales of Monkey Island

Tales of Monkey Island (WII)

Release Date: 07/JUL/09
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She IS a scary voodoo priestess.
Okay... I dunno... I just cannot seem to connect with Guybrush being scared of her.

I mean she prolly has more of a reason to be scared of him. I mean Guybrush cannot go two scenes without blowing something up, vandalising property, or just generally being a menace to society.

Which is why I love these games ^.^
I've really only played the 7th one on the Ps2, it's an awesome game, and I've heard that's what people usually say is the worst one.

If that's the worst one, the others must be crazy good.
Wait seventh?

1. The Secret of Monkey Island
2. Monkey Island 2: LeChucks Revenge
3. Curse of Monkey Island
4. Escape from Monkey Island
5. Tales of Monkey Island
a) Launch of the Screaming Narwahl
b) Siege of Spinner Cay
c) Lair of the Leviathan
d) Trail and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood
e) Rise of the Pirate God

Technically the closest one to being 7th would be Tales of Monkey Island Episode 3: Lair of the Leviathan--and Telltale Games hasn't even released that on Steam or Wiiware yet (with Siege of Spinner Cay only _just_ appear on Wiiware)
Hmm, let me checked the ps2 version real fast. Ah, it was Escape, really? That was only the fourth?
Yep, it was Escape. And yes, thats the fourth in the series ^.^
Guess I thought Monkey Island had more games, Space Quest is about to have 7, King's Quest has around 9 I think. I forgot about Police Quest as well.
Well, LucasArts generally was releasing a lot of variety of SCUMM games at the time.

I mean, some of the SCUMM games they only released at the time that only had one entry in the series, were awesome.

I mean I loved Full Throttle (and would love to see Telltale Games continue it). Sam and Max is a classic (which for many years, there was only _one_ Sam and Max game). Grim Fandango was also wonderful.

That is part of why when they had the collections, they released bundles of different games together.
Monkey Island rocks. Played and beaten 1-4. Three remains my favourite. Have Episode one of Tales on my Wii, haven't beaten it.

Is it just me or does that game have frame-rate problems?
@EarthboundX Monkey Island has 5 (well, four and an episodic series), Space Quest has 6, and King's Quest has 8.

Trust me sir, I'm an old school adventure gamer.

Anyways, @everyoneelse I haven't played the new MI games yet, even though I already paid for them and could totally download them whenever I feel like. Mostly 'cause I'm waiting until I finish 4, but I think the control scheme is mostly keeping me from sitting down and making a fair attempt at that. Also it's pretty lousy compared to the first three.
@amedeus8 yeah... I could see how the PC version of it have issues with controls. I mean on the Wii... it kind of makes sense.

I dunno, I would have preferred if they went with Grim Fandango's control scheme.
Wait, you're talking about Escape, right? As far as I remember, the control schemes were pretty similar. Using the keyboard to move instead of the mouse and all.
I was talking about Tales. From what I gather, you use wasd to move, and mouse to point at and pick stuff up. Because that is how it would correspond to how the Wii is controlled.
Well I was talking about Escape, I haven't played Tales yet.
Escape on the PC is easy to play if you have a PC controller, which I do on account of all the PC sports gaming I do. (PC + Sports - Controller = NOT FUN)

I'd imagine Tales for the PC supports controllers.
But that costs moneeeeeeey.
@TheTot wait sports games? There are versions of those that do not completely suck? Or are not just plain confusing gameplay wise?

I mean, I am all for video games, but if I wanted to play Pig Skin or Soccer, I'd rather just grab a group of friends, a ball and head to the park.

You know, like what I did as a kid?


As per a controller: just one issue: I am left handed. Left handed controllers tend to be rare, and cost even more.
Straight sports games? Yeah. Nintendo World Cup for the NES is awesome.

Everything else has pretty much sucked, though.
@amedeus8 "Straight sports games"?

I am sorry, I read that "straight" part and my poor lamia brain took straight to mean "not homo erotic"

I mean sure, if any game was homo erotic, I'd prolly give it a try ^.^. Sports or otherwise ^.^
Straight sports games? Yeah. Nintendo World Cup for the NES is awesome.

Everything else has pretty much sucked, though.
@amedeus8 was this post repeated for effect? or is GamerDNA gitching up?
@KatrinaTheLamia Well when you live in a really small town, and don't have many friends, it's hard. For the record, I play Hockey because I suck at it in real life. I play football ("soccer") because it's my passion, and I DO play it at the park in real life. But it's not always fun playing by yourself.
@TheTot is there no nearby league? I mean I grew up in a small oil town, which even in the nearest major city, people often have no clue where it is. And even then there were leagues set up.

Also how few friends do you have? I mean a game can generally be set up with as little as five people.

It does follow official rules mind you, but then, since when did fun require structure?

As per hockey--perhaps it is cause I am Canadian that I don't get this: but how can you possibly be bad at it?

Just grab a stick that resembles a hockey stick, a ball or a puck (it doesn't matter), and start bashing it around. Go down streets like this. I am certain I could do this in a few places, and I'd immediately have somebody else wanting to join in. It doesn't even matter there are no goals or anything (generally anything can be a goal).

And even if you do suck, just play it, if you enjoy it.

I mean if you cannot skate (generally most people who play Hockey for fun, and not get paid cannot skate) just play street hockey.

I mean, am I missing something here? Like even in my small town, good and bad people would gather regularly for hockey scrimmages.
It wasn't meant that way at first, but when you think about it a lot of sports ARE pretty gay.

And yeah, it told me it never posted, so I reloaded the page and clicked post again. So. That.
@amedeus8 well, it is not like there is anything wrong with gay sports is there?

I mean look at pigskin. Two teams of large men, in tights grappling each other, and patting each other on the bum. It is considered at _good_ thing if they even advance ten metres.

Though Canadians are little less forgiving of their gayness. I mean, we only give then three downs to get ten metres ~.^
I have no idea what you just said.
Heheh, me either, just smile and nod.
@EarthboundX @amedeus8 read that again, and realise that "pigskin" is a name for a game that is more commonly called "football" in Canada and the USA.

(I just refer to it as pigskin, and soccer as soccer, so there is less fighting over the term "football")
That's like, the part I actually understood.
@amedeus8 well... where you live, they wear tights right?

they grapple each other, right?

there are two teams, right?

they are generally large, right?

It should be noted they pat each other on the butt, as that is the only part of their protection that they could feel being patted on >.>

Generally while the main goal is to get to the other end of the field. This is largely split into lengths of about ten metres. With at the end of the ten metres being the "first down line"

In USA they have, IIRC four downs to get to the first down line. In Canada it is only three downs.

How is that hard to understand?
Yeah, I knew what you were going for, a gay joke, hehe. You just need to look to Olympic style wrestling, that's gotta be the most gay looking sport ever, haha.

Just a note, I have nothing against gay people, I'm pretty neutral, live your life as you want.
It's mostly your weird Canada-speak that makes no sense. What the hell are these "metres" you keep talking about?
@KatrinaTheLamia Nope. Nothing. Nada. And where there is, I can't reach it. I used to play street hockey when I was a kid, with my neighbors, and even then I sucked. I don't play hockey in real life because I suck. I'm good at footy, but have no opportunity to actually play.

When I have the ability to, I plan on pursuing it though. The Rochester Rhinos are near-by, and I have seen them play -- I'm better. I really don't like to toot my own horn, but seriously...

I would die if I ever got to play for a team in the U.K.
@amedeus8 Please tell me you're joking >.>;;
@TheTot ah.. UK... AKA: Orwellian Fiction revised and improved.

Yeah, I wouldn't mind getting good enough to join a soccer team. However, it generally isn't too seriously taken here. I dunno, I am fairly in shape, but I would love to be able to run at a decent speed for about 45min to 90min without much for rest. Last I checked most games only allow three substitutions? Yeah, I need to be better to do that.

If I can get that started with, I may start to work on ball handling.

I dunno, I had to stop playing at the age of thirteen, for various reasons, and have only recently been trying to make some effort to get back into the game.

Unless you follow that David Beckem crap. AKA the guy who put "I" in "Team".
I suck at most sports, last sports I remember be OK at was Kickball, and Volleyball. I'd rather stick to the gym and lift weights or something, not that I consider that a sport.
I really want to make a ball handling joke now, but I feel like my computer would probably explode from your rage.
@amedeus8 well, I kind of saw you mentioning something (and you just did BTW ~.^), and considering the context here, I am actually laughing that you saw it ^.^
@EarthboundX there is nothing wrong with being bad at sports. What you need to do is go out and have fun Eris damnit. Generally the most fun times I have had with sports nobody has been keeping score, and the rules are at most guidelines.

I will note, it has never devolved in Calvinball ever though >.>
@KatrinaTheLamia I'm kind of the opposite. I know right now I'd have to start off as a sub, or maybe even a reserve -- But I'd still be happy just being on a team.

I have acute asthma, and right around the 25 minute mark I start to get a really hard time breathing.

The only upside to this is that with work, it can go away (so being a reserve would pay off). And being a substitute would be ideal for me, as I can play ANY position (I would be best in right back, but I can even curve a nasty free kick).
Well, I have no major asthma... and I cannot run at the 45min mark--yet... just something I am working on.

Though normally during Winter... I do not handle summers well at all (I generally get more or less sick during those months, and easily lose energy and dehydrate).

The wonderful thing is: my Mom has an exceedingly high tolerance to pain (which seems to have been passed to me) and my Dad was a Marathon runner back in his thirties. So I am pretty certain that if I push at it, I could do well at this sort of thing.

Mind you, it would largely be only for recreation. I mean, I still have no idea what I want to do for a career. I was thinking teaching or helping problem kids. Especially with all the problems I had in my life, and I turned out pretty good--I kind of want to show kids these days, that they can turn out awesome too.
I wish my legs would let me run normally, after a few days of jogging, I get pretty deep pains in my calves. So I've taken to walking up and down this hill we live on, South Hill, takes about 20 mins to get down, 20 to get back up.
@EarthboundX It's supposed to hurt. =P That means it's working.
@EarthboundX ah, you've over worked yourself. Slowly pace yourself into it. At first just walk the route you usual take. Then jog a little bit--eventually you'll be running the route.

Also, what are you wearing as far as pants and shoes go? You are not wearing weights are you?

Wrist and Leg weights generally are fairly done, and not something people want to do right away. If you really need the weight... simply wear your associated kit (that is gear you generally would cart around for various situations)
@TheTot I know that, it just hurts so much, that I can't continue.
Nah, I just would run normally, no weights or anything.

Trust, I've got to the doctor about my feet, I've done what they say, it doesn't seem to help.

If I rested, I'd have to rest a whole week, which would seemly negate anything I've done.

Even just running maybe 15 mins a day for 3 days, makes me have to rest a whole week, for the pain to go away.

I've tried and stopped so many times, I've lost count, I'm gonna try again this starting
@EarthboundX what does your diet consist of? Does your family have a history of--shoot cannot remember what it is call, it is when the cartilage doesn't work properly, and it hurts to move (normally attributed to old people, but anybody can get it really). Any previous injuries.

Also, how about the rest of your body? Keep in mind, foot pain does not necessarily mean that it is the foot that is the issue. Every one of your nerves ends at that spot.

Also have you tried wearing some manner of brace? Heck most people I know who are heaving into sports will generally make sure that a knew or an ankle will have a brace if it is needed.

Also, do you stretch before each time you go out? I mean my family is genetically flexible (I even have a sister that is so double jointed, that she falls under a medical condition to define it). So stretching doesn't occur as much to me, however you may very well need it quite a bit.

Also, what are you doing with lifting weights (you mentioned going to the gym a few times)? Endurance, or strength, or bulk?

This is kind of silly, but when not in Lamia form, I find a decent, well done heal, will help my running. But then I take naturally to heals... enough that it surprises my sister quite a bit ^.^
@KatrinaTheLamia You're thinking of Arthritis.
@TheTot thanks.
I've decided, I'm gonna get some physical therapy, just ran for about 20 mins, and I was limping at the end. There's clearly something wrong with my feet/legs.

I noticed when I run, my entire foot comes down at once, in one heavy stomp. That might be messing with the way my legs absorb shock.

I've been having feet issues since I was around 14, with pronating I think it's called. I've had shoe orthodontics. Which did help a lot, I used to not be able to stand for more then 10 minutes without some bad pain.

@EarthboundX yeah... that is pretty bad. I dunno, I've really never had similar problems like this--but I have heard plenty of it.

Mind you, there is a good chance that my body has plenty of things wrong with it that I am just not noticing most of the times. I mean between having my mother's exceedingly high pain tolerance, and my dad's genes to be able to run marathons once I get older (there is a reason most of the marathon runners are in their late twenties to late thirties--that is when their biology develops enough to properly handle it) makes it so that lots can be completely out of whack in my body, and I'll just see it as an ache or pain. This prolly makes _you_ better than _me_. As I've had plenty of medical professionals think I am nuts for putting up with things that most people wouldn't be able to. About the only reason I am not dead yet for silly things I've ignored is... well... "only the good die young" ~.^

Anyways, yes, get that fixed. Pain is usually your body saying: "this is not something I should be doing". Also, try practicing walking in different manners. You _can_ change how you walk. Maybe look at some therapy to learn how to walk ^.^

Also a few things I look for in a doctor:
1) Intelligence and fast thinking. I mean, when 2 the Ranting Gryphon mentioned his story on his Doctor's trip to get his throat checked out on his website, I was immediately jealous on his doctor he got.
2) Being somewhat enjoyable or nutty.

But then, my perfect doctor would be Gregory House. So I am prolly not one to give proper advice ~.^

I hope to one day hear you are having fun exercising and running around ^.^
I haven't read all the comments, so appologies if this has been said. Guybrush is not you. Sure, MOST people wouldn't be grossed out, but Guybrush is immature.
@RayeGunn ah, okay--yeah, that I _can_ see.
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