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Memory Card Woes

“On the left we see a standard SD Card.

That one was fucked when I tried to put Linux on it, BTW. It is just kicking around my apartment. It was useful in installing Fedora 13 though--but I cannot seem to use it for storage for some reason.

To the right, we see whatever the hell it is that my PSP uses. Generally it is a pain in the ass to track down other cards of this. This one is fairly useless as it is only 512MiB.


Dammit! I can remember when 1.44MiB was a big freakin deal on a floppy.

Anyways-this is my main obstacle in downloading stuff on my PSP.”

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Dissida Final Fantasy

Dissida Final Fantasy (PSP)

Genre/Style: Fighting/3D Fighting
Release Date: 25/AUG/09
Emblem for Genome

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The internets are your friend. Look for it on a retailer site.
@rawkr well, I have kind of learned that ordering stuff online will get me no where.

As since I have moved into my apartment, nothing I have requested sent to me from a website has shown up.

They just do not show up.

With nobody having any clue about the matter.

So yeah--ordering stuff online really is not an option it seems.
@KatrinaTheLamia You may want to invest in a PO box.
@rawkr Maybe--if I can spare 130$CAD eventually.

You can always pay someone the money to order it for you (like me since I am 100% trustworthy XD) and then have them send it to you by some legitimate company. I buy and sell things all the time and all my packages get to where they're supposed to go.

Your problem could be those sneaky mailmen with their sneaky little hands stealing your precious packages though. Does any of the packages you order come with a tracking number (yes, I know its kinda pointless since a mailman can simply mark it as delivered, but it helps sometimes)?
To add on to the last post sometimes your address might not be registerd or you made a mistake so the mail people get confizzled about where to deliver it.
@Bonemane I dunno--I do not know anybody I could ask to order stuff for me.

And even when there are tracking numbers... those have been known to get lost--or some such nonsense. Usually with me being on their systems, and sign something was ordered... but.. yeah...

What do you mean my address is not registered?

I get bills and my monthly cheque just fine.

And considering the streets are numbered in my city--it is usually fairly easy to figure out where an address is. (Street numbers go higher as you go west, avenue numbers go higher as you go north).

Add to that, Postal Codes tend to point to a building rather than a zip code's idea of pointing to a state or a town (or something/)

If you get bills and stuff then your address should be fine. I find it kind of odd though if every package you order is not being delivered and your case worthy of being reported to the post office or some other authority.

Who knows you might be on some sort of terrorist list and they're confiscating every package you get for information...just throwing that out there.
@Bonemane Eris Dammit!

I could have sworn I was taken OFF those terrorist watch lists.


Well--okay, I will probably start reporting this to Canada Post... because it is rather annoying, >.>'
Here. Google is your friend. Assuming you have a Best Buy anywhere near your apartment.

I dunno, @mykalgaidin , after my issues finding a copy of Rick Astley's Greatest Hits, last Christmas to give as a gift to my brother who will never tell anybody what he wants (usually apart from a shrug and "I dunno"). I generally have not given much credit to when things say "it is in stock".
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