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Pokemon Heart Gold Box

“Well, this _appears_ to be the official packaging--there are a few other mockups, so this on may be rumour. However if it is, it is largely the most common rumour with this game.

Especially when you take into account, that apparently there is a step counter that comes with the game, that apparently syncs with the game. Darn you Nintendo! I want to sit on the couch getting fat playing your games. First you make me flail my arms wildly--which I mostly do with the controller to begin with... BUT STILL! Now I have to go outside, in the skycube, and walk around, possibly stretching my muscles and enjoying the outside.


LOL--This makes me a little interested... I wonder what the localisation in NA will have this do ^.^”

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Pokemon: Heart Gold

Pokemon: Heart Gold (DS)

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Emblem for Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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Remember Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand? it had a photometric light sensor that measured UV. you had to play it outside to charge your weapon. it was a giant pain in the ass.
@TheArtofBalance Yeah, I tried the emulated version, but the patch to give you infinite sun didn't work, bah..
@TheArtofBalance well, the difference is Nintendo has had a few other toys over the years that were glorified step counters. IIRC the Pikachu key chain pet that came out during the Gen 1 era of Pokemon was pretty much a similar concept. Except now they are syncing with the step counter rather than just having them be seperate.

Also, we are at a point, where step counters are toys in boxes of cereal.

I am just going to hope, that this only _adds_ to the game play, rather than is _required_ for the gameplay.
nintemdo has had a lot of lame peripherals in the past. gloves, mats, card readers, and more recently the wii balance board. plus this new Vitality Sensor. anything to make a buck. I don't think the step counter is going to help move units, and I really hope it's not a required part of gameplay.

I had the same problem man, finally I just gave up.

I remember that Pikachu pet key chain. Mine is lost in the ocean of time ;-(
@TheArtofBalance well, I actually liked my e-card reader--it was a shame that it only worked in the original Game Boy Advanced. I mean, yes, the games were crap, but they really did not cost that much beyond what cards like that would usually cost--even without games.

It was also technically a _seperate_ company that screwed Nintendo over, when they decided, "hey, lets change the bar codes on the Pokemon cards FOR NO RAESIN!"

I am pretty sure Nintendo would not be stupid enough to hobble remakes of two of their most popular games in the Pokemon series to date. I mean, ever since they came out, every other Pokemon would be compared to the Gen 2 games (Gold, Silver and Crystal), pretty much right away.

I mean, I am almost certain that the step counter is optional. Even if it you require to use it, these things are often very easily fooled. Even then, it is _really_ hard to screw a step counter up. I mean, these things are now toys in cereal (given away for free), and Nintendo is known for producing quality hardware.... most of the time. I will give you that the Glove was pretty screwed up.

And again, I really have no idea how a step counter will sell the game--except as a way of saying, "Pokemon players are active players"--or something like that.

I do not think this will be nearly as much of a fail as Boktai: the Sun At Your Hand. I mean even Nintendo employees not that as being pretty failtastic.
thats pretty cool. I feel sorry for the poor chump whose gonna have their creative freedom stripped when making wallpapers for it. I rather enjoyed it.
wait, i don't understand... do you have to walk irl to walk in-game? :S
i might get a DS, just to play them pokemans!
@Nyland I have thought about doing the very same thing many a time.
@HighSimSim @Nyland I has pokemans... let me show you my pokemans ^.^

-=- @x3lectricHero not entirely sure... I'd like to think no. As the HG/SS ROMs have now been leaked, and people are having no issues not having the step counter.
@TheArtofBalance My favorite game on the GBA... It's too bad Boktai didn't catch on in NA.

I'm just gonna shake the step counter vigorously...
@goldenXfinger As would most would prolly do here
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