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CoroCoro Pokemon Gen V Spread June, Page 4

“Here we have Resharim, the Fire Dragon... yes, my friends, Pokemon's first Fire Dragon.

We also get a nice map of Isshu Region.

Which... I am going to guess may be Hong Kong.

Current speculation has Gen V not happening in Japan. The creators have mentioned about how it is further than Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh than any of them are from each other. Looking at how most of it appears to be on an island, with a few supporting towns near the island, the metropolis structure of the island, it appearing to be a major port, and the fact that you do come across rather old railway system...

I am going to suggest maybe, Hong Kong.

Though, my prediction here may be completely out of whack.

However, if Professor Araragi does end up speaking in a British manner, due to it being based on Hong Kong... this is just going to be another very irritating detail. As the character I was working with, Doctor MacKealan also tends to speak very British like... to the point of referring to 0 as "nought".

In the screenshots we have:
* A Pokemart
* A Park
* Cannot read what that Pokeball with three spots and a single symbol is--the glyphs are too small
* A screenshot of what I think is the character making a simple choice. Not quite "yes" or "no"... hmm... maybe we have some kind of "Bullshit" mode to this game... like of my favourite SCUMM games.
* A Desert Screenshot (guessing)
* Images of bridges lowering and raising
* What looks like a beehive... I am HOPING that is a gym.... HOPING”

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Pokemon: White Version

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