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Andriod Teah Light

“Oh, here we go.

Not certain if I have ever uploaded any images of this character.

No idea when I made this one. This is a fairly standard look for her. Though, I would put this one at early 2009 or earlier--due to the positioning of her eyes.

Typically later pieces, take a que from the Megaman X series, and have her eyes almost right underneath the helmet opening.

This character was the inevitable creation of a project currently called Planetary Defense Squadron... which was Kittens of Honour before that... and well--Lylat: Custom Missions prior to that.

This game mostly was designed to be a user editable Star Fox 64 type game. That is, you'd have a Game Master who would set up the levels, set the bosses AI and whatnot, and a team of three to six pilots would challenge these campaigns. Making it a form of cooperative multiplayer Star Fox based entirely on user generated content.

Since then, the series has moved on from that original goal. To be, well--its own world, and universe.

Though, I still recall how I thought user generated content in Star Fox 64 would be the most kick ass idea out there.”

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Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64 (WII)

Genre/Style: Simulation/Space Combat Simulation
Release Date: 02/APR/07
Emblem for Genome

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