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Shot the wrong game (2010, June 26)

“This was mostly drawn as a joke, where a Lamia gets shot in the wild... and then chases after the person who shot her. Managing to match speed with a person who barely managed to climb into the back of a flat bed truck.

This... Lamia... uh... looks fairly ticked off... o.O'

You know--I am fairly certain if they uh, did something silly like stop the truck now--there deaths may include less torture.

Yes, I know there are no Lamia in Monster Hunter... but--figured that this game fit bigger than Cabala's Big Game Hunter.

Though a game where the player goes around hunting various Succubus and Incubi and various monsters known for sex... would be hilarious.”

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Monster Hunter Tri

Monster Hunter Tri (WII)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D Action RPG
Release Date: 24/MAR/10
Emblem for The Guild Hall

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The Guild Hall

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