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(Mayhaps NSFW) Gookitty and Lamia "cuddling" (2010, June 26th)

“While my doppleganger JTE has "Echidna" in her name, she very rarely depicts herself as one (in either the Greek sense, or the Sonic sense.). Most of the time, it is a Goo Kitty. A form of Googirl that has some very cat like traits.

Yeah--I am weird. Everybody has a doppleganger of them somewhere. When they see it, their reaction is to kill it.

When I met my dopple ganger, I wanted to cuddle her and send her valentines day and birthday gifts. Also something about roleplayed twincest *cough*... but that is not important.

Anyways, ere is a rather--well, tame drawing. As the most you see is poorly drawn monster mammary glands. I mean--one is on a girl covered in scales... and the other has her mammary glands made out of gelatin.”

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Dragon Warrior I & II

Dragon Warrior I & II (GBC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Role-playing
Release Date: 18/SEP/00
Emblem for Genome

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