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“Tried drawing Vaporeon. It seems I have issues drawing Pokemon, unless I figure out a real life equivalent... then jerry in Pokemon between the two styles.

Here, it is a vulpine type creature.. whose claws "seperate" to show webbing between them. That little next fin piece, is mostly used to regulate speed, and further steering. Due to being a hairless semi-aquatic mammal (like humans) it has breast material designed to add buoyancy to the creature.

Yes... breasts literally are Darwin's flotation device. Fvck yeah, Darwin! You rock! X3”

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Pokemon: Red Version

Pokemon: Red Version (GB)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date: 28/SEP/98
Emblem for Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

This image is affiliated with the group...

Misty of Hoenn Mon Acad

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