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“You know--between this, and its pre-evolution... I cannot help but think of Zorak from Space Ghost: Coast to Coast.

If anybody has seen the show, possibly the one with Brak (I never did get to catch that series)--you will know the sort of personality I am kind of attaching to this Byuubu Kitsune in my head.

And judging from the response of people...

This character's use is going to be about as sickening as Lucario's.

Lucario. for those of you are not up to date, was one of the first Pokemon leaked from the Gen IV games. It is an Aura Based Pokemon, and generally a very popular Fighting/Steel type. I think Lucario can DIAF. Many people assumed it would be Psychic/Dark based on early releases. I hate Lucario. Lucario appeared in Super Smash Bros Brawl. I generally find Lucario over rated. Now Zoroark is getting a similar unvieling.

I dunno--I may end up liking this guy... but chances are... no.

Looking from this Pokemon's presentation, he may be a very viable competator with Zangoose and Absol for "Emo Poke Idol'”

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Pokemon: White Version

Pokemon: White Version

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