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KatrinaTheLamia reviews Digimon World: Dusk (DS)

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KatrinaTheLamia said...

Right, and I am going through and updating a few game reviews that I have posted to not suck.

Digimon World: Dusk is another installment in the Digimon World franchise of games.

Now, this means that the title should tell you nothing about the plot inside, and maybe a vague detail of the game play present.

The Digimon World series of games are mostly just a et of games to play with Digimon, without being attached to any of the other associated franchises.

Those being:
* Adventures
* Adventures 02
* Tamers
* Journeys
* DATA Squad
* Whatever they are making now.

(Just so you know, these other franchises also have a few of their own games, particularly the Tamers and DATA Squad ones)

The plot consists of two sub worlds to choose from. This game deals with the Dusk World. The other one (Digimon World: Dawn) deals with the Dawn World.

The plot starts off with the two worlds seperated by a malevolent force. That seems to be trying to take over the minds of both sides. As Dusk World, you are investigating any damage in the world you are training Digimon in. Your character is the star Normal Rank trainer, who at the time of the attack was sleeping in a place that had secure enough locks on it, that you were not fully affected by the viral attack. Your Digimon were regressed--but all of the other trainers' Digimon (and staff) were taken to Egg form in the attack. minus the leader of Dusk World's main partner.

Keep in mind, your rank you are best at is the lowest rank of all Digimon trainers. There is still Bronze, Silver and Gold to get up into.

Also, the Digimon that were in cahoots with the ones that attacked your base, also were not regressed. This matter has also made some wild Digimon attack the heroes, as they figure out what happened.

Now the battle system.

The Digimon trainer does not fight the battles. He has one to three on the field to do that, with a possible three in his reserves to switch in, should they need to.

Your PC will start off with three Digimon being trained. In Dusk you can choose from Balanced, Defensive, Attack and Pretty.

Each team will include on Digimon that will get you early access to fairly sought after Digimon, a compliment, and the Dusk World mascot Digimon. Dawn would likely be the same.

Battle works by a five square field. Attacks can hit one to five spots on the field. Each attack takes up a certain amount of energy--but typically is balanced for inflicted status effects and coverage of how many squares hit.

When you level up, you regain HP and EP.

To capture data on Digimon, you simply need to face them enough times in battle, to get your data on them to be 100% or higher. At this point, at your hope, you fabricate their creation.

Digivolving and Reverting takes a few items to pull it off. Typically you need a certain friendship level, attack level, and experience points are broken down in different types. Such as requiring 250 Beast Experience. You also get a few Digivolutions that require stats to be at certain levels or high. Even more odd, is some states require you to have already gotten them, to Digivolve or revert into them.

Now, to remove the requirement for grinding several Digimon to get the ones you want, they give you Digimon Islands from the start.

Digimon Islands can be equipment with chip boards and various entertainment options that allow your Digimon to grow just by sitting on your ass while the game is turned on.

The plot really is non existant... and seeing as how this is a Nintendo game that is probably a good thing. As this typically means, that any such plot would probably be censored to near 4Kids Entertainment levels. But not quite, as even Nintendo tends to think 4Kids is a bit much (hence why Nintendo fired 4Kids from Pokemon's localisation).

The plot has a few side quests, and the main quest. It mostly is go here, and see what is going on. Typically you get to a boss, battle it, and it hands it over. Which you take back for investigation. The PC is a silent protagonist, which means you fill in any of the plot you desire here. They have designed the text and game structure, so you really do not feel like you are being forced to say or do something because the game wants you too.

Graphically, the game is brilliant. It is an isometric tile based game, and they do a fairly good job at the artwork being depicted for the levels. Due to it being isometric, I generally go easy on the whole "you should not be able to see the tiles" thing... as I understand that what they did here is fairly awesome already.

I am uping my rating to four stars. Keep in mind, four stars indicates that it is a positive depictions of a genre and franchise, and likely will attract most who play it to the franchise. Five stars is a mark reserved for Digital Crack. Though, I may up it to that in a few days.

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    Digital world
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    cherrymon, lilymon, deviwoman
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Digimon World: Dusk

Digimon World: Dusk (DS)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 2D RPG
Release Date: 18/SEP/07
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